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Horse Fillet Strings for Turnout and Stable Rugs


Horse Fillet Strings for Turnout or Stable Rugs

Manufactured Using Only Top Quality 

Marine Grade 6 mm Double Braid Rope

Used To Make Halters Etc

The Advantages Of This Are;

    1  Soft and gentle on your horses bottom

2  Very strong and durable                 

3  Washes up like new                       

4 Very quick to fit or remove              

             5  No more broken clips or slides                     

                    6  Change between stable and outdoor rug               


These strings retain  appearance and last for years

They are 850 mm long and fixed using the ,

 loop at one end and 2 half hitches at the other.

Please message us when you purchase and give us the size you require

We will then make the string to your exact requirements